[RUBY] Yarn is not installed

When I try to make an app with rails new

I can install Ruby and Rails, and when I try to make an app I was told that yarn was not installed, so I installed yarn to fix it.

environment Mac Ruby2.6.0 Rails6.1.0

run rails new

This time I will make it on the desktop, so

$ cd Desktop
$Rails new app name

When executed, After a while,

Yarn not installed. 

It seems that the app was not created and an error occurred, and yarn is not installed as described above. Is said.

yarn installation

Reference → Webpacker, yarn-related errors and solutions that may trip during Rails 6 development

$ brew install yarn
$ yarn -v
$ yarn install

It seems that it was installed successfully.

Create the app again and run it on the server

I ran rails new again and this time it worked. And when you run rails server, you will see a nostalgic screen. It's been a year and a half? image.png

Hmm, has the Rails version changed? Did the installation of yarn change the Rails version from 6.1.0 to 6.1.1?

$ rails -v
Rails 6.1.1

After all it has changed. no problem. I don't know. Now, with a little study of Ruby, let's create the contents of the Rails app.

Reference book

Ruby on Rails 6 Super Introduction

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