[RUBY] About the role of the initialize method

There was a time when I was pioneering the mysterious genre of initialize method Moe alone, but I am often asked by students about the differences between classes and instances, instance methods and class method classifications and roles, so I will link to the above link again. I'm going to code what I mention in the article.

[The story that the initialization is cute] → https://qiita.com/yamazaki_akihiro/private/32ea4cf5e653913d2485

class Mother
  def initialize(sleeper)
    puts "#{sleeper}I entered my room, but there is no sign of waking up. It ’s a really calm sleep."
    @sleeper = sleeper

  def ding_frypan
    puts ""Yeah !!!!" * The frying pan is ringing. It's a nuisance to the neighborhood"
    puts ""Gwahhhh !!!"#{@sleeper}The death devil!"

  def open_curtain
    puts ""Yeah !!!!" * The curtains were opened vigorously. Not recommended as it puts a load on the rails"
    puts ""Gwahhhh !!!"#{@sleeper}The death devil!"

  def strip_duvet
    puts ""Yeah !!!!" * I removed the futon. If this is a romantic comedy, there will be various things after this and the two will be late, but this time it is different"
    puts ""Gwahhhh !!!"#{@sleeper}The death devil!"

  def self.go_job
    puts ""I don't know my mom even if I'm late!""
    puts "And my mother disappeared into the city surrounded by the morning mist..."

puts "It's 7 o'clock. Would you like to wake up oversleeping soon?"
puts "1,Go to the room and wake up"
puts "2,Go to work without waking up"
num = gets.to_i
if num == 1
  puts "Who do you wake up?"
  sleeper = gets.chomp
  mother = Mother.new(sleeper)
  puts "How do you wake it up?"
  puts "1,Ring the frying pan(It's noisy!)"
  puts "2,Open the curtains and let the morning sun shine(It's dazzling!)"
  puts "3,Remove the futon(It's cold! * It may be a little embarrassing when you are adolescent)"
  plan = gets.to_i
  if plan == 1
  elsif plan == 2
  elsif plan == 3
    puts "You don't really want to wake it up. Let's work"
elsif num == 2
  puts "You guys! Well, I'm not a mother! !! !! What guy! !! ??"

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