Launching the production environment with docker + rails (ver5.2) and errors that occurred

This is my first post, so please point out any mistakes. Also, I hope this post will help you launch the rails 5.2 production environment with docker.


Article content

It is mainly divided into four parts.

How do I need to set it up for production with rails?

First of all, the following four are mainly required to start in the production environment with rails 5.2

  1. Set up the production environment in database.yml or database
  2. Check if SECRET_KEY_BASE exists in credentials.yml.enc
  3. Perform asset precompilation
  4. Start the server

Setting method with docker

In docker, describe the part necessary for starting and start it

Database related

Set database.yml and set DB connection etc.


  <<: *default

Checking SECRET_KEY_BAS in credentials.yml.enc

I think you can check if you can run the following command with docker

EDITOR=vim rails credentials:edit

I was using docker-compose, so I'm checking with the following command

docker-compose run -e EDITOR=vim web rails credentials:edit

Asset precompile

You need to precompile the rails assets file

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails assets:precompile

Part to describe in docker

I added the following description and started it


ENV RAILS_ENV="production"

RUN SECRET_KEY_BASE=production bundle exec rails assets:precompile

Error that occurred at startup

Well, when I started it, the following error came out.

`validate_secret_key_base': Missing `secret_key_base` for 'production' environment, set this string with `rails credentials:edit` (ArgumentError)

The content is "Cannot start because the secret_key_base value cannot be found". So I searched on the net and tried to solve the error, but I couldn't.

Error solution

I solved it by trying the following sites

Specifically, I solved it by putting a space in SECRET_KEY_BASE in the credentials.yml.enc file. before


secret_key_base: *****************************



 secret_key_base: *****************************
↑ There will be a space

I don't know the cause, but if you can't solve it, you may want to try it.

At the end

I solved it in an unexpected way, so I thought it was important to try what I could.

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