Initial introduction to Mac (Java engineer)


Written for your company's Advent calendar.
While saying that, it is a guidebook for specific seniors and colleagues.
(If you bought a Mac, you should use it!)

1. OS update

First, let's reborn your sleeping Mac into a now state.
It seems that there was a charge for updating MacOS in the past, but now MacOS can be updated for free.

You can find the update method by searching for "mac clean install".
(Let's save important data to an external HDD)

2. Apple standard service registration

MacOS is linked to Apple Id / icloud and does a lot of good things over external services.
Sign in to AppleId / icloud and see if the following works.

  1. Synchronize with iPhone contacts etc. (Shares data with standard Apple apps)
  2. iTunes service works with Apple Id / icloud email address
  3. You can purchase / download apps on the App Store

3. Download from App Store

Use an Apple-approved app.
Updates etc. are managed on the App Store.
Get the following:

App name Usage
Xcode Developer Tools
TheUnarchiver File decompression, etc.
Twitter Information exchange tool
SourceTree Source management assistance
Slack Team Development Tools
Shazam Music Detection Tool
Line Messenger
Kobito Qiita Editor

4. Utilization of package management system

App Store on iphone / Mac
Google Play Store on Android
Steam in PC Game
A package management system that manages data purchased in the past and manages it as if distributing update patches.
I made it to Mac (Linux) and was impressed to meet these!
So please use it as well.
I recommend "Homebrew" for the time being, so search for the following words and adapt it to your Mac.
「Mac Homebrew」

Once the "brew" command is available, download and use the "Cakebrew" app in the GUI.
Details of this section will be given in 6.

5. Download the app on the external site

Some unofficial apps that are not available on the App Store are listed here.
Items that can be managed by the "brew" command described in 4 shall be managed by "brew" as much as possible.
The save destination is under "Applications /".

App name Usage
JDK Developer Tools
IntelliJ IDEA JavaIDE
Eclipse JavaIDE
Atom High Performance Text Editor
Dropbox Cloud Services
Cakebrew brew GUI tool
MySqlWorkbench MySqlDBviewr
Google Chrome Internet Browser
PS4 Remote Play Remote Play

6. Manage apps with brew

It's an app, a tool, a command, ...
It manages various things.
The save destination is under "/ usr / local / Cellar". (Maybe)
Below is a list of things that can be managed by brew.

App name Usage
postgresql RDB
mariadb RDB
neo4j GraphDB
docker VM
gradle build tool
jenkins build tools
sonarQube Static code analysis tool
tomcat AP server
git version control
sellenium-server-standalone Test Tool

Especially around the database,
Since the version upgrade is left to brew, the threshold for reinstallation is considerably lowered.

7. Organize files / services on your PC

Your apps will appear on your Launchpad, but group them according to your intended use.
It's terrible, and if you don't understand "where and what", you don't want to look at your PC.
I would like to introduce some useful Mac standard apps.

  1. Terminal-> Dos window in Windows Use this for the first start of mysql.
  2. You can build something like Automator-> Macro / Shell.
  3. Mail / Message-> Can be linked with iphone.
  4. System Preferences-> I use it a lot
    5.Safari-> Standard browser.
  5. QuickTimePlayer-> You can connect to iphone and record the screen of iphone.
  6. iTunes-> You can rent videos for a fee. It's easy not to go to return it.
  7. You can talk to your iPhone / Mac using FaceTime-> packet communication.

8. Linked with IT services

Register the services listed below and keep logged in with the app / safari.

・ Github ・ Qiita ・ Twitter ・ Connpass ・ Doorkeeper ・ Slack ・ Dropbox

9. Group development image

Finally, as a bonus. Make friends with Macker and develop as a group. Below is a sample behavior.

Source code-> Public development with a free account on Github. Document-> Share on Dropbox Chat Tools-> Open Channels on Slack Operating environment-> Cheap server. Build environment-> Build Gradle, Jenkins in operating environment and development environment. Video call-> FaceTime, Line, Skype. Meeting place-> Cafe, coworking space

At the end

It takes about 6 hours from 1 to 7

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