[JAVA] Template Method Pattern

Template Method Pattern template decides the outline of processing and shares the logic Subclass processes according to the frame determined by template </ font>

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Template Method Pattern Example

Check with the following class structure

class Explanation
template.class Describe the outline of processing
sam1.class Flesh the details of the process
sam2.class Flesh the details of the process
user(Main.class) Check the operation of Template Pattern
  • User Includes the meaning that other developers use this pattern


abstract class template{
  abstract String temp1();
  abstract String temp2();
  abstract String temp3();
  final    void show(){


class sam1 extends template{
  String temp1(){return "<<< ";}
  String temp2(){return "Template";}
  String temp3(){return " >>>";}


class sam2 extends template{
  String temp1(){return "[[[ ";}
  String temp2(){return "Template";}
  String temp3(){return " ]]]";}


public static void main(String[] args){
sam1 s1= new sam1();
sam2 s2= new sam2();

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