The first thing to do when you want to be happy with Heroku on GitHub with Eclipse in Java

Conclusion three lines

From the conclusion, I was able to follow the procedure here. English. (


Since it is a GW, I have both a hobby and study I decided to make some simple web service.

The languages and IDEs are Java and Eclipse, which I'm used to at work.

I have little knowledge of architecture and infrastructure Let's leave it to Heroku, who is rumored to be cool. Heroku would be better to use GitHub,

I decided easily up to that point.


I've stumbled quite a bit, so I'll take notes, procedures, and notes for myself.

Stumble point

I don't know Git and I don't know anything!

After pulling the remote locally and fixing it Add to stage, commit and then push I could only see it in Roux. It's completely different from the version control I use at work.

I just remembered "I" to do my best. Branches and merges will be learned slowly later. .. ..

Knowledge of maven is also required at a minimum.

First of all, what is maven? It was from that place ... Site that explains the basics of maven: (

The order is important

At first I tried to communicate in the order I knew This was a big mistake.

First, make a Hello World with Eclipse I tried to register it in the repository I made on GitHub.

I got an error immediately. To understand why I'm angry because I have no knowledge of Git It took a while, but apparently

History is different

It seems.

Create a new repository on GitHub → Clone locally → Add Hello Work locally in Eclipse → Commit from there ・ Push to remote

Or the procedure

Create a new local repository locally → Add in Eclipse → Create a new repository locally on GitHub

If it is not such a procedure, the history will not be consistent. (Uh, it's complicated in Japanese ...)

Now that we've successfully linked GitHub, This time on Heroku,

No default language could be detected for this app. 

I was angry like this.

Heroku has all the files you need on Heroku, You can't push unless it's a repository that contains them.


So, start over from the beginning. In the end, I was able to follow the procedure here. (

As a premise

Has already been introduced.

--First, clone the repository for Java and Eclipse locally from Heroku. --heroku create --Import into Eclipse --Maven build (if it fails, add appName to pom.xml) --Create a new repository on GitHub and do git push -u origin master. --Finally, enable GitHub integration and Auto Deploy on Heroku side

・ ・ ・

It took 3 days just to prepare the development environment ... orz

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