[JAVA] Add your own authentication items with Spring Security


You may also use Spring Security when trying to implement authentication with Spring Boot. Spring Security has a mechanism to automatically authenticate if you set items at login, but basically it authenticates with a set of user name and password. I will write what to do if you want to add other items for authentication.

Assumptions, etc.

Implementation sample

Add authenticationProvider to SecurityConfig. authenticationProvider sets ʻAuthenticationProviderImpl` which is implemented independently described later. Also, set authenticationProvider in configureGlobal.


  private AuthenticationProviderImpl authenticationProvider;
  public void configureGlobal(
    AuthenticationManagerBuilder auth,
    @Qualifier("userService") UserDetailsService userDetailsService,
    PasswordEncoder passwordEncoder) throws Exception {


AuthenticationProvider that is implemented independently. I've added a status column to the table to authenticate users who aren't ʻactive`.


public class AuthenticationProviderImpl extends DaoAuthenticationProvider {
  protected void additionalAuthenticationChecks(UserDetails userDetails, UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken authentication) throws AuthenticationException {
    super.additionalAuthenticationChecks(userDetails, authentication);
    User user = (User) userDetails;

    //Additional conditions
    if (!user.getStatus().equals("active")) {
      throw new AccountStatusNotActiveException("Status is not active");

  public static class AccountStatusNotActiveException extends AuthenticationException {
    public AccountStatusNotActiveException(String message) {

  protected void doAfterPropertiesSet() {}

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