[RUBY] I want to limit the input by narrowing the range of numbers


1. Conclusion </ b>

2. How to use </ b>

3. Supplement </ b>

  1. Conclusion

Use validates_inclusion_of: (column name), in: (number) .. (number) </ b>!
2. How to use

You can specify the range of validation numbers!


validates_inclusion_of :

For ": (colon) and after", enter any name set in the migarte folder or DB column! The location to be described will be any folder name of models!



For the part, enter the number you want to range before and after ".."!
For example, from 100 to 2000


validates_inclusion_of :item_price, in:100..2000

By doing so, you can only enter 100-2000!

  1. Supplement

Also, if you want to change the error bundling name, after in: 100..2000


, message: "outside the limits(Freely named) "

If you enter

"item_price (depending on column name) outside the limits"

Can be displayed!

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