Using Mapper with Java (Spring)

What i did

I tried to handle the database using Mapper in Java (Spring).


Download the jar file so that Mapper can be used. If you are using Spring Tool Suite, select MyBatis when creating your project!

Folder hierarchy

スクリーンショット 2020-06-25 18.59.00.png

The project name is hidden because it is somewhat embarrassing.


Write in the mapper class like this.

public interface UserMapper {
	@Insert("INSERT INTO users (userId, username, password) VALUES (#{userId}, #{username}, #{password})")
	void insertUser(User user);
	@Select("SELECT * FROM user")
	List<user> getUserList();

Write in the Controller class like this.

public class SampleController {
	private final UserMapper userMapper;
	public UtilityController(UserMapper userMapper) {
		this.userMapper = userMapper;

	public String insertUser() {
		User user = new User("sampleId", "sampleName", "samplePassword");
		return "newUser";

	public String getUser() {
		List<User> userList = utilityMapper.getUserList();
		return "newUser";

At the end

It's really easy to work with databases. It became ridiculous to make Service classes and Dao.

that's all. Thank you for reading to the end.

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