[JAVA] I made a library for displaying tutorials on Android.

This is about the library registered earlier here Create and publish Android library --Qiita. The library itself was completed a while ago, but it was troublesome to upload it and summarize how to use it. There aren't many good Android tutorial libraries. Then make it. GitHub is here.

It will be a remake of what we made in our app for the library. It's made by kotlin, but of course you can use it with java.

About the essential library

This is the one.


Things to be careful about when making

It's perfect! I can't say that even if my mouth is torn, but I made it with the following in mind.

-Reduce library dependencies

Due to a recent mass update of the library, we have encountered a number of dependency errors in our app. Moreover, it is difficult to understand the content of the error. So how much did you want to destroy the environment? The result is a storm of ʻexclude module: hogehoge`.

With that in mind, this library has the following dependencies.


dependencies {
    implementation 'com.android.support:appcompat-v7:27.1.1'
    implementation "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib-jdk7:$kotlin_version"


・ Make it as easy as possible to display.

The tutorial is issued after the target View has been drawn so that you do not have to worry about the tutorial generation timing.

The value for display can be set in the builder pattern. There is a problem that the properties required for the setting have not been integrated yet, but.

How to use

If you use it easily

--Add the following to dependencies


dependencies {
	implementation 'jp.studio.edamame:balloontutorial:0.2.2'

--Implementation looks like this

TutorialBuilder.init(activituy, target = binding.buttonTutorialCircle)
        .descriptionByString("Circle type")
        .buildAndLayout() //drawing

You can use it if you set the value in this way.

Advanced Setting

Initialize the builder

TutorialBuilder.init(activituy, target = targetView)

Initialize with .init (activity, targetView).

Specify the target highlighting shape

.holeType(type: TutorialBuilder.HoleType)


.radiusOfDp(50f) //Specify the radius if it is circular(dp)

Set callout

.descriptionByString("Description goes") //Callout characters
.textColor(@ColorInt color: Int) //Letter color
.balloonColor(@ColorInt color: Int) //Callout color

Specify tap behavior

.onClickedOutSide { } //When tapped outside the target
.onClickedTarget { } //When the target is tapped

Specify animation time

--Specified by msec

.durationForBaseAnimation(150) //Background display
.durationForHoleAnimation(300) //Show highlights
.durationForBalloonTextAnimation(200) //Speech bubble


I'm thinking of adding a mechanism that will allow me to publish tutorials in a row. that's all.

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