[RUBY] A validation error occurred when saving to the intermediate table.

I got a validation error when trying to process an array with ids in an intermediate table

user table

Column Type Options
name string null: false
email string null: false
password string null: false

room table

Column Type Options
name string null: false

room_user table

Column Type Options
user references null: false, foreign_key: true
room references null: false, foreign_key: true
#description of view
<select name="room[user_ids][]">
  <option value="">Please select a user to chat with</option>
  <% User.where.not(id: current_user.id).each do |user| %>
    <option value=<%=user.id%>><%= user.name %></option>
  <% end %>
<input name="room[user_ids][]" type="hidden" value=<%= current_user.id %>>
#Description of controller

  def create
    @room = Room.new(room_params)
    if @room.save
      redirect_to root_path
      render :new


  def room_params
    params.require(:room).permit(:name, user_ids: [])

The description so far works fine, so I didn't change it.

Suddenly it became impossible to save user_id in the intermediate table.

I don't know the cause, but when I was doing something completely unrelated, a validation error suddenly occurred, and I couldn't save the value and the Room model.

The solution

I don't know the reason, so it might be a bit brute force, but this was the only way to solve it, so it worked fine.

  has_many :room_users
  has_many :users, through: :room_users, validate: false
# validate:false postscript

By writing without validation, I was able to pass the value as an array to the intermediate table and save it well.

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