[RUBY] Post a video on rails

This is my first post. Please note that it may be a little difficult to see.

This time, it is a memorandum of the video upload function in rails. Personally, uploading videos using FFmpeg was difficult to understand, so I would like to explain it in an easy-to-understand manner.


Ruby 2.6.5 Rails

I will start immediately


rails new RailsApp

Create a Rails App in the terminal.


gem 'carrierwave'
gem 'mini_magick'

Added to Gemfile


rails bundle install

Bundle install in the terminal.


rails g uploader video
rails g scaffold post video:string

Create uploader and scaffold in terminal


rails db:migrate

Don't forget to migrate


mount_uploader :video, VideoUploader

Added to post.rb


def extension_whitelist
   %w(jpg jpeg gif png MOV wmv mp4)

Remove the comment from the 38th line and add it


<div class="field">
    <%= form.label :video %>
    <%= form.file_field :video, :accept => 'video/*' %>

I think it is text.field, so rewrite it to file.field.


  <%= link_to @post.video_url.to_s do %>
   <%= video_tag(@post.video.to_s) %>
  <% end %>

I think it is <% = @ post.video%>, so rewrite it. If you do not write <% = link_to @ post.video_url.to_s do%>, the video will not play even if you click it.

Thank you very much

I struggled to upload the video, so I hope you can do it easily.

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