Ruby Learning # 8 Working With String

When outputting ", backslash
Option + ¥ mark on mac 8 Working With String puts "Giraffe" Academy" # Giraffe" Academy

phrase = "Giraffe Academy" puts phrase #Giraffe Academy
puts.upcase() #GIRAFFE ACADEMY puts.downcase() #giraffe academy phrase = " Giraffe Academy " puts phrase.strip() #Giraffe Academy

Space can be taken

puts.phrase.length() #15 puts phrase.include? "Academy" #true puts phrase.include? "Academys" #false puts phrase[0] #G puts phrase[3] #a puts phrase[0,3] #Gir puts phrase.index(G) #0 puts phrase.index(ffe) #4 puts "programming".upcase() #PROGRAMMING

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