[RUBY] [Rails] I tried to implement batch processing with Rake task



Rails: 5.2.3 Ruby: 2.6.3 MySQL: 5.6.40


--There is a bug that the question_count column of the ʻusers` table is not updated. I created a batch and made it possible to update to the correct value in batch. ――Because you are using an existing method, it may be difficult to understand, but please forgive me.


has_many :questions, dependent: false
has_many :only_questions_visible_to_user, -> { where(question_id: nil).visible_to_user }, class_name: 'Question', dependent: false

scope :visible_to_user, -> { where(is_invalid: false).where(deleted: false) }

def update_question_count!
  update!(question_count: count_questions)


# question_Method used for aggregation when updating count
# @return [Integer]
def count_questions


belongs_to :user, optional: true

Implemented code

--I tried to make it easier to recognize the progress and update failure by outputting the log. --Since it is executed only once and will not be needed after that, put it under the ʻone_shot` directory and delete it after execution.


# frozen_string_literal: true

namespace :user do
  desc 'Update users_question_count'
  task update_question_count: :environment do |_task|
    index = 0
    updated_question_counts = 0
    user_count = User.count
    logger = Logger.new($stdout)
    logger.info 'Start'

    User.find_each do |user|
        if user.question_count != user.only_questions_visible_to_user.size
          updated_question_counts += 1
      rescue ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid => e
        logger.info "Failed to update user_id: #{user.id}"
        logger.info("#{e.class}: #{e.message}")

      index += 1
      case index
      when 4000, 8000, 12_000, 16_000
        logger.info "Progress: #{index}/#{user_count}"
    logger.info "Updated User Count: #{updated_user_counts}"
    logger.info 'Finished'

Batch execution

bundle exec rake user:update_question_count

――It took about 45 seconds to update about 19,000 records. --Since the column that failed to update is displayed, it is easier to handle it separately. スクリーンショット 2020-10-26 午後2.36.25.png

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