[JAVA] I want to control the maximum file size in file upload for each URL in Spring Boot

1. What you want to do

--Control things like spring.servlet.multipart.max-file-size = 1MB on a URL-by-URL basis

2. Version, conditions, etc.

3. What I did

--Create the following Intercecptor and determine MultipartFile # size


public class MultipartFileInterceptor extends HandlerInterceptorAdapter {

	private final long maxFileSize;

	public MultipartFileInterceptor(long maxFileSize) {
		this.maxFileSize = maxFileSize;
	public MultipartFileInterceptor(String maxFileSize) {

	public boolean preHandle(HttpServletRequest request,
							 HttpServletResponse response,
							 Object handler) throws Exception {

		if (MultipartRequest.class.isInstance(request) && maxFileSize >= 0) {
			MultipartRequest multipartRequest = MultipartRequest.class.cast(request);

				.forEach(f -> {
					if (f.getSize() > maxFileSize) {
						throw new MaxUploadSizeExceededException(maxFileSize);

		return super.preHandle(request, response, handler);

--Create a WebMvcConfigurer like the one below and associate the Interceptor with the URL you want to control.


public class WebMvcConfig implements WebMvcConfigurer {

	private String fileMaxFileSize;

	public void addInterceptors(InterceptorRegistry registry) {
		registry.addInterceptor(new MultipartFileInterceptor(fileMaxFileSize))


--Although it is not directly related to this issue, by preparing the following class, it is possible to define it as 1MB in the application settings.


public enum ByteSizeUnit {

	KB {
		long toBytes(long size) {
			return size * UNIT_SIZE;
	MB {
		long toBytes(long size) {
			return size * UNIT_SIZE * UNIT_SIZE;
	GB {
		long toBytes(long size) {
			return size * UNIT_SIZE * UNIT_SIZE * UNIT_SIZE;

	abstract long toBytes(long size);

	static final long UNIT_SIZE = 1024;

	public static long toBytes(String size) {
		if (Objects.isNull(size) || size.isEmpty()) {
			throw new IllegalArgumentException("size must not be empty");

		for (ByteSizeUnit byteSizeUnit : values()) {
			if (size.toUpperCase().endsWith(byteSizeUnit.name())) {
				return byteSizeUnit.toBytes(Long.valueOf(size.substring(0, size.length() - byteSizeUnit.name().length())));

		return Long.valueOf(size);

  1. Example

Please let me know if you can do it with Spring Boot settings. end.

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