Java SE8 Silver Pass Experience


The other day, I passed Java SE8 Silver (formally Java SE 8 Programmer I), so make a note of what you are studying.

Specifications before studying for the exam

・ Ruby engineer certification exam Silver possession ・ A long time ago (10 years ago) I had done all the C language

I've never touched Java, but there are many things that are similar to Ruby. (I think Ruby is based on Java), The basic grammar came to my mind smoothly.

Study content

Total time is about 40h

Test preparation

Purple book (over 20h) Of the three standard books, the only commentary + exercise format book I did 3 laps of commentary, 3 laps of exercises, and 2 laps of mock exams. This is the only book that you can actually study for the exam. I also wanted to do a mock exam on the net, "After the mock exam that comes with the purple book is perfect" I was thinking that the exam date had come.

Java basics

Introduction to Paiza Java + Skill Check Question (13h) The purpose is to confirm the basic grammar and practice light coding. Paiza's introductory course is for programming beginners, so I skipped it. (Note: Addendum) I forgot, but it seems that you cannot see all of them even in the introductory course unless you are a paid member. Skill check problem is a class C problem that has been solved in Ruby I tried to solve 5-6 questions. After all, the grammar was exposed I'm not ready to write code, I spent a considerable amount of time researching the library and reviewing it after solving it. To be honest, if I just passed the exam, I think I could have managed without writing the code, but I don't take the exam just to qualify, so ...    Java language programming lesson above and below (written by Hiroshi Yuki) (5h) I did a lot of research on the internet to select a detailed Java book, but I couldn't judge this one, "Well, I like math girls ..." I bought this book for a stupid reason. I'm going to use it as a reference for studying for exams I've done it by scanning, Because the explanation of Murasakimoto did something about it, I didn't have a chance to open it. When I calm down, I would like to read it slowly.

When applying for the exam

As is often mentioned, creating an Oracle account was quite a hassle. If you are planning to take the exam, we recommend that you check the commentary site (here etc.) in advance. I will. In particular, please be careful not to forget the test results, as you will not be able to confirm the test results unless you complete the procedures in advance.

About test production

I felt it during the mock exam, but since it takes a certain amount of effort to find a mistake in the code, I am quite tired when I finish answering (it took more than 90 minutes to solve 77 questions). I was in trouble and couldn't concentrate on the review. Those who are not confident in their physical strength should have enough sleep the day before. The test result was a correct answer rate of 82%, and I managed to pass it (passing line is 65%). Most of the questions were at the same level as the practice questions and mock exams of Murasakimoto, so I think it's okay if you do just one book.

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