[JAVA] vim (gitbush) basics

I was initially using Atom to write html & css. .. Immediately after starting to use JAVA, GitbBush is introduced and described in vim. (It seems that the terminal is fine for mac)

What is GitbBush Simply put, it is software that allows a computer to type commands into the screen and follow the commands to operate files, edit files, and delete files. It is often installed in operating systems such as Unix and Linux, and various commands can be issued by typing commands called Unix commands. In other words, Git Bash is Bash with Git functions.

At first, I thought it would be difficult to handle, but my personal impression was that once I got used to it, the work would be considerably shorter.

I'm not sure, but vim seems to be quite astringent.

title See above for installation instructions

Next, I touched vimtutor.

$ vimtutor

Mode switching

Contents Key
insert i
normal ctrl + c

Move command

Contents Key
Up w
under s
right d
left a

Preservation relations

Contents Key
save /wq
Go through without doing anything /q!
Duplicate /w file name.java

line number

Contents Key
Yes :set number
Nothing :set nonumber

Copy and erase

Contents Key
yank(copy) yy
Erase (Delete)) dd

Conveniently with the number of lines above + (3yy)

It was a command that I basically remembered and did not lose.

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