[JAVA] Get a list of other sessions of the same user when using Redis Session in Spring Boot (2 series). Also discard it.

The following is added to the Config class that inherits WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter.

  public <S extends Session> SessionRegistry sessionRegistry(FindByIndexNameSessionRepository<S> sessionRepository) {
    return new SpringSessionBackedSessionRegistry<>(sessionRepository);

Add the generated SessionRegistry to the HttpSecurity settings.

  protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {
        // login settings
        // ligout settings
        .and().logout().logoutRequestMatcher(new AntPathRequestMatcher("/logout", "GET"))
        //Additional minutes from here
        //Maximum number of sessions allowed per user
        // -1 is unlimited
        //Session Registry used for multiple logouts
        //URL to transition to when the session expires(If you do not set it, an error message will appear on that screen.)

The setting is over

After that, you can get a list of sessions of the same user using Session Registry as a controller or service.

The following is an example of the process to log out the same user session excluding the currently logged-in session.

  private SessionRegistry sessionRegistry;

  public String logoutAnother(HttpSession currentSession) {
    String sessionId = currentSession.getId();
    Optional<Object> principal = Optional.ofNullable(SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication())
        .map(authentication -> authentication.getPrincipal());
    if (principal.isPresent()) {
      //Get the session list of the same user who is currently logged in
      List<SessionInformation> sessions = sessionRegistry.getAllSessions(principal.get(), false);
      for (SessionInformation session : sessions) {
        if (sessionId.equals(session.getSessionId())) {
          //Do not log out only for the current session
        //Session expired and logged out
    return "redirect:/";

You can get the session list of the same user as the user information passed to the first argument with sessionRegistry.getAllSessions.

If you want to get the session list of any user instead of the logged-in user, you can get it by entering the ID of any user in the first argument. (Assuming that an administrator etc. forcibly logs out any user)

    List<SessionInformation> sessions = sessionRegistry.getAllSessions("user", false);

    // UserDetails: userDeails.getUsername() => "user"
    List<SessionInformation> sessions = sessionRegistry.getAllSessions(userDeails, false);

    // Principal: principal.getName() => "user"
    List<SessionInformation> sessions = sessionRegistry.getAllSessions(principal, false);


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