[JAVA] About encapsulation and inheritance

We will summarize the encapsulation and inheritance of the three major object-oriented functions.

Purpose of encapsulation

Encapsulation is a function that restricts reading and writing to fields and method calls. Encapsulation makes it possible, for example, to limit the caller, or to read the contents of a field but not to write it.

Implementation of encapsulation

Encapsulation by setting access control Use access modifiers to set access control The access modifiers are as follows

name Permission range
private Only my own class
protected The same package as you or a class that inherits you
public All classes

Encapsulation formula

Private in the field The method is public

Prepare getters and setters to access the fields

Validate arguments in setter

Purpose of inheritance

Used to reuse similar classes

Benefits of inheritance

By adding methods and fields to the parent element, it is not necessary to set them individually for the child elements. The behavior can be changed individually by overriding.

Implementation example of inheritance


class Car {
  private double gas;

class superCar extends Car {
  private int speed;

This way, the supercar can have a speed field in addition to the Car gas field.


Force the class that defines the method and implements the interface to define the defined method Multiple inheritance is allowed

Implementation example

interface Human {
  public void run();
class taro implements Human { 
  //taro raises an error because no run method is defined

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