[RUBY] [Rails] Specify format with link_to

As the title says, it ’s about how to specify the format with the link_to method.

It's pretty easy, but I'll leave it as a reminder because the article didn't hit unexpectedly.

What is format in the first place?

The output format The html file is rendered in html format, right? There are other json format, pdf, csv, etc.

This time I will try assuming PDF output

How to write link

Just specify format as the argument of path!

slim file

= link_to 'Display name', xxx_path(format: :pdf)

If you want to specify another id or set a parameter, you can just go into the argument in the same way.

slim file

= link_to 'Display name', xxx_path(format: :pdf, id: @post, parameter_name: parameter_content)

Processing in the controller

In the controller, it is OK if you specify the format and describe the process In the case of pdf, I think that send_file is often used to display or download the file. If you write as follows, the PDF file will be opened on the browser by specifying the file name.


class HogesController < ApplicationController
  def show
    respond_to do |format|
      format.pdf do
        send_file(pdf_path, filename: filename, disposition: 'inline')


  def pdf_path
    #Specify the save location of pdf
    @post.pdf.path #← If you use carrierwave, it looks like this

  def filename
    #Specify the pdf file name


When you do rails routes, you can see (.: Format) in the URI pattern. This will be the URI when format is specified 23d955ea526f9852065207a191d12617.png

For example, if the format is pdf like this time, the URL will be something like https://xxxxxx/xxx.pdf. It means that it will be added in the form of .format format at the end depending on the format ~

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