[JAVA] Notation to put a variable in a string

I originally touched programming in Ruby and wrote CGI in eRuby, so I used to put variables enclosed in {} in strings.

str1 = "Hello"
str2 = "World!"
print "#{str1}, #{str2}\n"

If you try to write this in C #, it will look like this.

var str1 = "Hello";
var str2 = "World!";
Console.Write($"{str1}, {str2}\n") ;

It seems that you can write it like this with another solution.

var str1 = "Hello";
var str2 = "World!";
Console.Write("{0}, {1}\n", str1, str2);

By the way, I recently started Java, and it seems that Java is written like this.

var str1 = "Hello";
var str2 = "World!";
System.out.printf("%s, %s\n", str1, str2);

It's similar to the C # pattern in HelloWorldAlt.cs that I wrote later. Java is the most difficult to understand, so I thought I'd write the latter notation, which is close to Java notation, when writing in C # in the future.

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