Read xlsx file in Java with Selenium

[Currently: 2017/05/12] Selenium 3.4.0 Describes the process of reading an xlsx file in a Java environment.

Rough overview

  1. Create a class with the xlsx table title and tab name
  2. Assign table column names to variables
  3. Call and execute each class

I will write it quickly

Specifies the table title and tab name in the xlsx file.

import java.util.List;


@Sheet(name="test")        //Tab name
public class TestSheet {
    @HorizontalRecords(tableLabel="List", recordClass=TestData.class)    //Table title
    public List<TestData> testDataList;

Assign table column names to variables


public class TestData {
    public String no;

    public String test_case;

Call and execute each class

public class GetXlsxData{
	private TestData testData;        //Test parameter Corresponds to one record of Excel

	public GetXlsxData(TestData testData){
		this.testData = testData;

    //Test case generation from excel
	public static List<TestData[]> data() throws Exception {
		//Read Excel file
		TestSheet sheet = new XLSBeans().load(new FileInputStream("./testCase/selenium_testlist.xlsx"), TestSheet.class, WorkbookFinder.TYPE_XSSF);
		//Parameters settings
		List<TestData[]> list = new ArrayList<TestData[]>();
		for (TestData testData : sheet.testDataList) {
			list.add(new TestData[] { testData });
		return list;			//Return to constructor: Set(TestData testData)

I wrote it quite a bit. There are no @Before, @Rule, @After, @Test, etc., so please add them yourself.

that's all.

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