[JAVA] What's new in Apache Camel 2.19.0

Now that Apache Camel 2.19.0 has been released, let's summarize the features of interest. http://camel.apache.org/camel-2190-release.html

What is Apache Camel?

Apache Camel is a lightweight and highly functional integration framework. It's written in Java, but should work on other JVM languages such as Scala, Kotlin, and Clojure.

--You can connect to various external services and interfaces using more than 200 components provided by default. --Java / XML DSL with Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) (http://www.enterpriseintegrationpatterns.com/patterns/messaging/toc.html) fully implemented for clean routing of external I / O messages it can. --For programmatic use as a single JAR library, for use as a core routing engine for full-stack ESB servers such as JBoss Fuse Can be widely used. --Supports Spring Boot and can be used as a microservice on the cloud.

Featured features in 2.19.0

The main feature is Camel Connector Introduction. Since there are many other added functions, the details are omitted and only the notable ones are listed below. (For those who want to see everything, see here.)

--The new Camel Connector has been introduced. Connector is a one that narrows down the use cases rather than Component so that it can be immediately linked with an external system. Citizen integrators (a.k.a. iPaaS users) who are not full-fledged integration engineers aim to easily form inter-system cooperation.

New features by component

--Bean component --When calling a method that returns a Callable instance, the method of that Callable is also called. As a result, Groovy functions / closures can be called. --Salesforce component --Support for the limits, recent items, ʻapprovalsandcomposite APIs. --NATS component --Support for TLS and automatic connection flash. --Metrics component --Gauge type support. --File component --Support for clustering read-lock strategies with ʻidempotent-changed or ʻidempotent-rename. --CDI component - RouteBuilder auto-configuration can now be disabled from Camel CDI configuration - Camel contexts automatic start can now be disabled from Camel CDI configuration - Camel CDI now provides support for TransactionErrorHandler and TransactionPolicy via JTA --Kafka component --Saved the offset state offline (stateRepository) so that you can resume from the previous offset. --Improved to make it easier to set / use components. --Introduction of topic-based idempotent repositories by Kafka for Idempotent Consumer EIP. --Changed to automatically convert the message body when sending a message (default serializer is String). Also, key and partitionKey can now be specified in the endpoint URI. --Kafka Consumer can now auto-commit when stopped. The values for the ʻautoCommitOnStop option are: sync, ʻasync, none` --Box component --Migrated to v2 Java API. --JPA component --Added query support for JPA Producer.

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