[RAILS] 2020/10/5 Morning output

Create a Rails posting app Save tweets

--From the continuation --About how to save data from the form --Methods used to define strong parameters --Require method is a method that can be used by params that has information on the parameters sent. --By using the require method, if the parameter is unintended, it can be returned as an error, and it is possible to identify the cause and show the error to the user. --Use permit method to limit only the data you want to store in the column --The permit method can use params, you can specify the key you want to get, and only get the specified set of key and value --Private methods are methods that cannot be called from outside the class. --Advantage 2 store --Isolate methods that would be a problem if called from outside one class to prevent errors ―― 2 The code can be simplified

to be continued

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