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Looking at the description, I felt that there were many basic expressions, so Let's sort out the expressions that were actually used.

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fizz_buzz problem

def fizz_buzz
  num = 1
  while (num <= 100) do
    if num % 15 == 0
      puts "FizzBuzz"
    elsif (num % 3) == 0
      puts "Fizz"
    elsif (num % 5) == 0
      puts "Buzz"
      puts num
    num = num + 1


Assignment operator

Assignment operator

num = 1 #Variable name=Value to store

--Action by the above description --The value is stored in a variable using a description called assignment.

-- Substitution --You can put it in the variable box by writing = after the variable. --=` is called an assignment operator. In Ruby, an expression with one = means "assign the value on the right to the variable on the left".

--What is a variable? --A variable is like a box to put a value in. Define the variable name so that you can easily understand what kind of value is included.



num = num + 1

--Reassigning another value to the variable after assigning the value once --Can be changed as many times as you like during the program ――It is also possible to summarize briefly with the following description

Abbreviation for reassignment(Adopt self-assignment operator)

num += 1

if statement + elsif

--What is an if statement? ――You can divide the process by saying "If it is 〇〇, do △△".

Conditional branching when correct and when not

if num % 15 == 0 #Conditional expression 1
  puts "FizzBuzz" #Conditional expression 1 is true(true)Processing to be executed at

elsif (num % 3) == 0 #Conditional expression 2
  puts "Fizz" #Conditional expression 1 is false(false)+Conditional expression 2 is true(true)Processing to be executed at

elsif (num % 5) == 0 #Conditional expression 3
  puts "Buzz" #Both conditional expression 1 and conditional expression 2 are false(false)+Conditional expression 3 is true(true)Processing to be executed at

else #When not applicable
  puts num #Processing to be executed when the above conditional expression is not met

Comparison operator + algebraic operator

Comparison operator+Algebraic operator

while (num <= 100) do #Is num 100 or less?

if num % 15 == 0 #The surplus (divided remainder) is
                   #Is it equal to 0
elsif (num % 3) == 0 #The surplus (divided remainder) is
                       #Is it equal to 0
elsif (num % 5) == 0 #The surplus (divided remainder) is
                       #Is it equal to 0

-** Comparison operator **

-** Algebraic operator **


--- subtraction

--* Multiplication

--/ Division

--% Remainder (divided remainder)

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