[JAVA] [Eclipse] Summary of environment settings * Updated from time to time

I started Java development and started using Eclipse. Since there are many setting items and you may get lost, leave it as a memorandum.

Java [Window] [Settings] [Java] [Installed JRE] [Window] [Settings] [Java][Compiler]

** When setting when creating a new project ** [Create a Java project. ] In the" JRE "field of the screen, check[Use project-specific JRE]and select any JRE.

** When changing Java of an existing project ** Select a project and select [Properties] from the right-click menu. Select [Java Build Path] from the left pane of the property screen and select Change to any JRE with [JRE System Library] on the [Library] tab.


Display line numbers [Window] [Settings] [General] [Editor-] [Text Editor]

Delete unused import statement [Window] [Settings] [Java][Editor] [Save Action] Check "Perform selected action when saving" Check "Import organization"

Maven [Window] [Settings] [Maven] [User Settings] Specify the location of settings.xml when using a proxy with Maven


Task tag [Window] [Settings] [General] [Editor][Structured Text Editor-][Task Tag]

Local history [Window] [Settings] [General] [Workspace] [Local History] File retention days / maximum file size etc ..

Code template [Window] [Settings] [Java][Code Style][Code Template] Set comments and code to be automatically generated

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