[JAVA] Creating a Servlet in the Liberty environment


Configure the Servlet to work in the Liberty environment.

Download Derby

Download Derby for use from Liberty and db-derby- Extract the jar file to the directory [liberty_install_dir] / usr / servers / [server_name] / derby.

Apache Derby: Downloads


 C:\opt\wlp\usr\servers\server1\derby\lib directory

2018/06/14  23:33    <DIR>          .
2018/06/14  23:33    <DIR>          ..
2018/06/14  23:33         3,232,770 derby.jar
2018/06/14  23:33             1,490 derby.war
2018/06/14  23:33           588,394 derbyclient.jar
2018/06/14  23:33            94,559 derbyLocale_cs.jar
2018/06/14  23:33           112,080 derbyLocale_de_DE.jar
2018/06/14  23:33           105,743 derbyLocale_es.jar

Liberty server.xml

Liberty is configured by editing server.xml. If it is created by default, the SSL key password and administrative user are not specified. The following is the specification and Derby specified in the session DB. The location of server.xml is server.config.dir

server.config.dir : [liberty_install_dir]/usr/servers/[server_name]

Will be.


<server description="new server">

    <keyStore password="password"/> 
    <basicRegistry id="basic" realm="BasicRealm">
        <user name="wasadmin" password="password"/>
    <httpEndpoint httpPort="9080" httpsPort="9443" id="defaultHttpEndpoint"/>
    <httpSessionDatabase id="SessionDB" dataSourceRef="SessionDS"/>
    <fileset id="DerbyFiles" includes="*.jar" dir="${server.config.dir}/derby/lib"/>
    <library id="DerbyLib" filesetRef="DerbyFiles"/>
    <jdbcDriver id="DerbyDriver" libraryRef="DerbyLib"/>

    <dataSource id="SessionDS" jdbcDriverRef="DerbyDriver" jndiName="jdbc/sessions">
            databaseName="${server.config.dir}/derby/sessiondb" createDatabase="create" />
    <applicationManager autoExpand="true"/>

Launch Liberty

This is not a problem when starting from Eclipse, but the following settings are required when executing from the command line. You can start server1.


set JAVA_HOME=C:\opt\eclipseJ9\ibm_sdk80
set PATH=C:\opt\wlp\bin;%PATH%
server start server1
Server server1 is starting.
Server server1 has started.

server stop server1
Server server1 is down.
Server server1 has stopped.

Create Servlet in Eclipse

Create a Web Project with File> New> Web Project. image.png

Create with Servlet> New> Servlet. image.png

Start the application with Servlet> Run As> Run On Server to access the Servlet. image.png

If you remember this procedure, you will be able to do a simple test immediately.


Configure Liberty session persistence (https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SS7K4U_liberty/com.ibm.websphere.wlp.zseries.doc/ae/twlp_admin_session_persistence.html) Configuring related database connections in Liberty (https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SSAW57_liberty/com.ibm.websphere.wlp.nd.multiplatform.doc/ae/twlp_dep_configuring_ds.html) Server command options (https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SSAW57_liberty/com.ibm.websphere.wlp.nd.multiplatform.doc/ae/rwlp_command_server.html)

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