Try developing a containerized Java web application with Eclipse + Codewind

Around August 2020, we introduced IBM's cloud-native app/container development environment "Accelerators for Teams (Appsody Stacks)".

Try to understand "Appsody Stacks" in 30 minutes x 3 times (1st time)Try "Appsody Stacks" (2nd time: automated by pipeline)Try "Appsody Stacks" (3rd time: GitHub and pipeline cooperation)

Last time, I introduced how to use appsody CLI, which is the CLI environment of Appsody Stacks, but I think that it is common to use a source code editor / IDE such as VSCode or Eclipse for programming. Describes how to use "Eclipse Codewind", which provides extensions for development with AfT in VSCode / Eclipse environment.

About terms

AfT is a product included in IBM's "IBM Cloud Pak for Application". I think it is a feature of IBM products these days, but AfT is also being developed as various open source projects. There are various terms that are common to IBM products (?), So here is a brief explanation of terms related to AfT.

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications (abbreviation: CP4App)

· IBM description excerpt An enterprise-ready, containerized software solution for modernizing existing applications and developing new cloud-native apps that run on RedHat OpenShift.

Roughly speaking, it can be said that it is a product for migrating and executing applications mainly for Java EE compatible application servers (middleware) such as IBM WebSphere Application Server as cloud-native applications to the container environment. (The application development language is not limited to Java EE.)

[Reference] Introduction to Cloud Pak for Applications

Accelerators for Teams (abbreviation: AfT)

· IBM description excerpt IBM Accelerators for Teams integrates, extends, and enhances Red Hat OpenShift. A fully supported commercial implementation of the open source community project for enterprises. Accelerators for Teams provides a microservices-based framework that simplifies the development, build, and deployment of both Kubernetes and Knative (serverless) applications.

Roughly speaking, it can be said that it provides a framework by integrating various OSS tools for developing containerized applications. Formerly known as Kabanero Enterprise, it seems to have been rebranded to AfT. Kabanero will be described later.

[Reference] CP4 App Overview

Appsody Stacks ・ Excerpt from the description of the Appsody project Appsody is designed to help you develop containerized applications for the cloud. Appsody Stacks are configurable technology stacks built with popular runtimes and frameworks, such as Java with Eclipse MicroProfile and Node.js with Express. These stacks provide the foundation for building applications that can be effectively deployed and managed on Kubernetes.

Roughly speaking, can we say that we provide a tool stack for application development that supports each language such as Java and Node.js? Appsody ended as an independent project in December 2020 and was taken over by Red Hat's Odo.

[Reference] Appsody Stacks

Eclipse Codewind (abbreviation: Codewind)

· IBM BLOG description excerpt Eclipse Codewind is a new open source project that makes it easy for developers to create cloud-native applications within their favorite IDE. Currently, Codewind supports Visual Studio Code, Eclipse IDE, and Eclipse Che.

Roughly speaking, is it an extension for integrating development with Appsody (CLI / Stacks) with VSCode / Eclipse?

[Reference] Introduction of Eclipse Codewind

Kabanero · IBM BLOG description excerpt Kabanero brings together open source projects Knative, Istio, and Tekton with new open source projects Codewind, Appsody, and Razee to design, create, deploy, and manage Kubernetes-based application lifecycles. We have created an end-to-end solution for you.

Roughly speaking, it's an open source version of AfT. AfT provides Kabanero as a commercial version with support.

[Reference] Use Kabanero to quickly build Kubernetes-enabled cloud-native apps

What I tried this time

-Introduce Codewind to Eclipse IDE and try Java development using AfT. -Try running the created Java application on CP4App.

Future plans

I will divide it into the following contents and post them on Qiita one by one.

-Install Eclipse + Codewind. -Use Open Liberty (*) + Db2 on Cloud to create a simple Java web application. -Deploy the created web application on CP4App.

Blurred ...

This verification was started from the end of December last year, and I just finished it the other day, so I decided to summarize it in Qiita, but it seems that the latest version of CP4App Ver 4.3 has been provided since December last year.

Looking at the release notes ...

"Appsody CLI (appsody) and pipelines continue to be deprecated in this release." Appsody will quit and move to Odo. .. ..

"Eclipse Codewind is deprecated in this release" that···

"Removed Tekton Webhook extension" This is the function I used in Try "Appsody Stacks" (3rd time: GitHub and pipeline integration) before. That ...

Keep an eye on it (crying)

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