Java study # 4 (conditional branching / if statement)

Conditional branching and repetition

** Control structure ** (Control flow): The order in which statements are executed

** Sequential ** ・ ** Branch ** ・ ** Repeat **

-** Sequential -Simply execute the following statement. I've been using it so far - Branch -Execute different statements depending on the conditions (example; Yes / No statement) - Repeat **-Repeat the same sentence until the condition is met. (Until you can)

** Structured Theorem **-(Combining the above three makes it possible to create even the most complex programs)

――If you make a slightly combined example sentence ...

boolean tenki = true;
if (tenki == true) {
    System.out.println("Do the laundry");
    System.out.println("Go for a walk");
} else {
    System.out.println("Watch a movie at home");

In this statement, if tenki (weather) is true (sunny), tenki == true processing is performed, and if false (rain), else processing is performed.

** if statement **

--If you use if, you can "branch" --Write a conditional branch in () of if. --Use "==" to check if the variable tenki is true. --Write false processing in else.

That's all for today ...

Aside from being busy, I drank too much! No progress! good night(;_;) (Tomorrow we will repeat ... planned!)

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