Measured parallel processing in Java

I don't know much about Java because it can process in parallel, so I ran Parallel Stream and Completable Future, which I think I often use.

Measurement method

Processing to fetch data from DB on AWS individually with findById from 30 IDs.

Implementation environment






        List<Long> list = createIdList(); //30 cases
        List<Currency> currencies = new ArrayList<>();
        list.forEach(id -> currencyService.findById(id)
                .ifPresent(currency -> currencies.add(currency)));





        List<Long> list = createIdList(); //30 cases
        List<Currency> currencies = new ArrayList<>();
                .forEach(id -> currencyService.findById(id)
                                .ifPresent(currency -> currencies.add(currency)));





        List<Long> list = createIdList(); //30 cases
        List<Currency> currencies = new ArrayList<>();
        ExecutorService ex = Executors.newWorkStealingPool();
        List<CompletableFuture<Void>> futures = new ArrayList<>();
        for (long id : list) {
            futures.add(CompletableFuture.runAsync(() -> currencyService
                    .findById(id).ifPresent(c -> currencies.add(c)), ex));
        CompletableFuture.allOf((futures.toArray(new CompletableFuture[futures.size()]))).join();



By the way, when I tried to make it single thread with ʻExecutors.newSingleThreadExecutor ();`, it was 4123ms.


In this experiment, we are going to get data to RDS, but it seems that we need to be careful when connecting externally with Parallel Stream.

Also, I added it to the List in the loop, but it seems that it is not good because it is a so-called side effect.

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