[RAILS] Ruby two-dimensional array

What is a two-dimensional array?

A two-dimensional array is an array that is used in a program and contains an array inside the array.

Source code

fruits_price = [["apple", [200, 250, 220]], ["orange", [100, 120, 80]], ["melon", [1200, 1500]]] #Array Key Total amount calculation

fruits_price.each do |fruit|
  sum = 0
  fruit[1].each do |price|
    sum += price
  puts "#{fruit[0]}The total amount of#{sum}It's a yen"


The total amount of apple is 670 yen
The total price of orange is 300 yen
The total amount of melon is 2700 yen


The key is the name of the fruit, and the value is the price of the fruit.

[["apple", [200, 250, 220]]

Ruby each statement

object.each do |variable|
Process to be executed 1
Process to be executed 2

Here we are taking out the elements one by one.

fruits_price.each do |fruit|
  sum = 0
  fruit[1].each do |price|
    sum += price

Now, take out the elements for the array that contains the price in the array, Store in the sum.

That's all there is to it.

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