[JAVA] Relationship between Eclipse m2e plugin and Maven

As the title says, I'm too new to understand, so I'll make a note of it.

m2e plugin

This is a plugin for running Maven from Eclipse. This time, I used Eclipse for Java EE development, but in that case it is included by default.

Points I didn't understand

If you right-click on Eclipse and execute Maven, a pop-up will appear and the screen for specifying the goal will appear.

On the other hand, if you refer to Maven's articles on the market

mvn compile

Commands such as are often used. I'm not sure about this relevance and want to run the mvn command, but where should I set the command arguments? I thought.

To run Maven on Eclipse

The goal of the popup displayed by the m2e plugin is the "compile" part in the above. In maven, the format is to specify the goal after the mvn command, and to put it very roughly, the image is that the argument of the mvn command = goal.

Also, if you have two or more goals, for example

mvn package deploy

In such a case, you can enter "package deploy" in the goal field of the pop-up.

In other words, you can execute the mvn command by specifying the argument part of mvn for the goal on the pop-up screen of the m2e plugin! (* Arguments starting with a hyphen are in a separate frame)

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