[JAVA] I tried youtubeDataApi.


It's my first post, or the blog itself, so the text may be poor.


Use youtubeDataApi to search for a specific keyword, get the number of views of the video and the number of subscribers of the video channel, extract only the videos with 60% or more views / subscribers, and put them together in a csv file. program. Can you buzz on youtube if you imitate the story?

Development environment

Language used

Result (example)

The result of searching with Pokemon. qiitajpg.jpg

Impressions I made

--Trouble --YoutubeAPI has usage restrictions, and especially if you use a search function like this one, you will be caught in the daily limit in a blink of an eye, so you can not abuse it. ――Occasionally, the number of registrants could not be obtained for the video that was caught in the search, and an error occurred each time. When I checked the corresponding video, it was a channel that did not disclose the number of subscribers. (A branch was added to prevent an error.) --Since I wrote the code without using the framework, it became awkward code to write the url of api directly to the variable. Is it possible to write more stylishly by using a framework such as spring? .. .. Or in other languages. --Interesting points ――It was my first time to work with webAPI, so I learned a lot. ――The idea that information can be collected efficiently by combining youtubeDataAPI and other youtube APIs has expanded.


After investigating, I was excited that there are a huge number of web APIs on the net and I can write a lot of programs that will make my life more efficient. In terms of youtube, I want to create a chrome extension that automatically opens the url when the registered channel starts live. (Maybe you don't need it because chrome has a notification function)

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