I summarized the naming conventions for each Rails

When creating a Controller or Model with a command Is it singular or plural? So I summarized it


In Rails One of the basic principles ** CoC (Convention over Configuration) ** is defined

CoC does not have to be conscious of beginners

Not only does it save you from pondering, it also fosters a deeper abstraction

Is written in the article Quote

In other words, reduce and simplify developer decisions.

Controller edition

** Because it has multiple actions **, ** multiple ** series

type Example Explanation
Controller name users Plural form
file name blogs_controller.rb Plural form
Controller class name UsersController Camel case
command rails g controller users Plural form


class UsersController < ApplicationController
  def index

Model edition

Model is like a design document ** One design document **, so ** singular **

** Plural ** form because the table holds multiple pieces of information ** Because migration files and classes create tables In that regard, the same ** plural ** form

type Example Explanation
Model name user Singular
file name blog.rb Singular
Model class name User Singular, capital letters
Table name name users Plural form
Migration file name ☓☓☓_create_users.rb Plural form
command rails g model User Singular


class User < ApplicationRecord
  has_many :articles


class CreateUsers < ActiveRecord::Migration[5.2]
  def change
    create_table :users do |t|
      t.string :name
      t.string :email



** Because there are multiple View files under the folder **, ** plural ** type

type Example Explanation
Folder name users Plural form

Routing edition

Routing ** resource name is based on Controller name **, so ** plural **

type Example Explanation
Resource name users Plural form

Reference article


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