[JAVA] Three things I learned by re-releasing the web app

At the beginning

This time, I will talk about the web application I made, which was released immediately and closed immediately without much response.

The web app I made


It is a service for recruiting life experiences and writing essays. When it's not enough to write an essay, there is also a function to tweet just one word like Twitter.

URL: https://e-elder.herokuapp.com/

Immediately after publishing ...

There was no response at all. I tried to advertise it on qiita, but I didn't like or comment at all. I requested posting on the service safari, but it failed.

The app data of heroku was lost due to the lack of response.

Why released again

Let's think about why we failed this time When I read the article of my seniors, it was written that the web application would not hit easily unless it was operated for at least a year or two.

Until now, I've only seen services that have been advertised on qiita and have rapidly increased the number of users, so I thought that I would never succeed if there was no response immediately after the release. However, in fact, there are only a handful of such sites, and it seems that some of the popular sites aren't slammed at first.

reference: Information source to read if you develop Web services individually 13

Changes when re-released

Never put content on the top page

I knew this for a long time, This time, I was able to create some content myself, so I put the content on the top page. However, if you register, you will understand that the amount of content is small. At the beginning, I thought it was better not to put the content on the top page

List page is also abolished

Even after registering, it will not be used if the user finds that there is little content. So I can't see all the essay list, recruitment list, and word list

You can only see the content in the search bar on the site.

At the end

What I learned this time Web apps are hard to hit unless they are operated for at least a year or two Never put content on the top page, whatever Design so that the amount of content is difficult to measure even if registered to the user

Is it?

So please use "Elder", a service to share your life experience! URL: https://e-elder.herokuapp.com/

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