[JAVA] [Android Studio] About the matter that the design view is not displayed when using TextClock


The other day, I installed the latest version (3.6.2) of Android Studio, but the design view of the app I created in the previous environment disappeared. When I check the error, it says "Render problem".

After a lot of research, it seems that the cause is the use of TextClock. Information on stackOverflow, but this seems to be a bug in Android Studio.

I didn't bother to write it because there is an English source, but I took the time to do so, so let me share it. Also, since this is the first post, if you have any questions, please give us your guidance. "TextClock render problem in layout preview" https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60565227/textclock-render-problem-in-layout-preview


This is not a fundamental solution, but a workaround. As you can see in stackOverflow Answers,

I think the least stressful method is to "replace the TextClock in the xml tag with a TextView and replace it with a TextClock at build time".

Of course, downgrading to an earlier version is one workaround. It will take some time.

At the end

By the way, in the latest version of Android Studio (3.6.2), Text Clock is gone from Palette. It's strange because I couldn't find any information about it being deprecated or deprecated.

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