[RUBY] [Rails] How to implement star rating

Features you want to implement

--Allows you to enter and register by star rating --Display registered star rating

table of contents

  1. Column settings
  2. Preparation for star rating
  3. Enter and save star rating
  4. Display of star rating

1. Column settings

Set the column to save the evaluation. The column type uses the float type to enable half-star evaluation.


class CreatePosts < ActiveRecord::Migration[6.0]
  def change
    create_table :posts do |t|
      t.float :evaluation, null: false

2. Preparation for star rating

Image of stars

https://github.com/wbotelhos/raty/tree/master/lib/images Download the star image from the link above. Place it in a folder in assets / images.

Works with JavaScript

https://github.com/wbotelhos/raty/blob/master/lib/jquery.raty.js Copy the code from the link above. Paste it into assets / javascript / application.js. ** Since it is written in jquery, it is also necessary to install jquery. ** **

3. Enter and save star rating

You can enter the star rating by writing the following in the view file.


<%= form_with model: @post, local: true do |f| %>
<div class="field" id="star">
  <%= f.label :evaluation, "Star rating:" %>
  <%= f.hidden_field :evaluation, id: :review_star %>
      size     : 36,
      starOff:  '<%= asset_path('star-off.png') %>',
      starOn : '<%= asset_path('star-on.png') %>',
      starHalf: '<%= asset_path('star-half.png') %>',
      scoreName: 'post[evaluation]',   #Save to evaluation column
      half: true,   #Half star input
<% end %>

4. Display of star rating

You can display the result of star evaluation by writing the following in the view file that displays the details.


<% @posts.each do |post| %>
<div class="relative-post-evaluation">
  <span id="star-rate-<%= post.id %>"></span>
    $('#star-rate-<%= post.id %>').raty({
      size: 36,
      starOff: "<%= asset_path('star-off.png') %>",
      starOn: "<%= asset_path('star-on.png') %>",
      starHalf: "<%= asset_path('star-half.png') %>",
      half: true,   #Half star display
      readOnly: true,   #Read-only
      score: <%= post.evaluation %>,   #Display of star rating
  <%= post.evaluation %>
<% end %>

Reference link

https://qiita.com/yuki_0920/items/a966d9fa2bdb621f805d https://qiita.com/kitaokeita/items/1e40724c3384507cec13 https://qiita.com/busitora2/items/5b59d1ea9e90c1b016b4

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