Set the maximum number of characters in UITextField in RxSwift


        //Maximum number of characters for TextField
            .map { text in
                if let text = text, text.count > 4 {
                    return String(text.prefix(4))
                } else {
                    return text ?? ""
            .bind(to: textField.rx.text) //If you enter the same number that has already been entered, the next event will not flow and you will not loop infinitely.
            .disposed(by: disposeBag)


――I haven't tried it, but in the case of Japanese input, this may not work, so it seems that you need to consider it separately. --You can also use textField.rx.controlEvent (.editingChanged) etc.


RxSwift/RxCocoa: prevent UITextField from having more than … characters [iOS] Set the maximum number of characters in UITextField [Swift] How to set a character limit for UITextField

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