[RUBY] How to constrain the action of the transition destination when not logged in


This time, I will introduce a method to restrict the transition so that users who are not logged in can only transition to the specified page.

Thing you want to do

Users who are not logged in can only transition to the index and show pages, and if they try to transition to the new page or edit page, they will be forced to transition to the index page.

How to use

Code that is used repeatedly in the controller is made into a method under private. By performing the following processing, if you try to transition to a page other than the index and show pages while the user is not logged in, you will be forced to transition to the index page.


class PracticeController < ApplicationController
  before_action :move_to_index, except: [:index, :show]



  def  move_to_index
    redirect_to action: :index unless user_signed_in?

that's all

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