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I came here because I had the opportunity to write a blog on Qiita for the first time! Currently, I have two technical weapons, Java and Alibaba Cloud. And I wanted to combine these two and write something. There are various things, but this time I would like to introduce a little about Alibaba Java Coding Guidelines. why? I want to make my code more beautiful!

What are Alibaba Java Coding Guidelines?

Best programming practices within Alibaba's technical team over the years. Different Java programming teams program according to the same rules to improve code quality and promote mutual reuse and understanding of programs.

This Guideline has been published on GitHub for use by other programmers, and is currently marked with a little less than 20,000 ★. I am. It is also being updated. However, this document is currently available in English and Chinese. master /% E9% 98% BF% E9% 87% 8C% E5% B7% B4% E5% B7% B4Java% E5% BC% 80% E5% 8F% 91% E6% 89% 8B% E5% 86% 8C % EF% BC% 88% E5% 8D% 8E% E5% B1% B1% E7% 89% 88% EF% BC% 89.pdf) only exists. Make a note of the structure of the article below.

This Coding Guideline can be divided into the following 5 categories.

  1. Programming specifications
  2. Exceptions and logs
  3. MySQL specifications
  4. Project specifications
  5. Security specifications

Each specification is divided into three levels.

  1. Required
  2. Recommended
  3. Reference

Details are as follows. [Description]: Description [Correct example]: Coding and implementation are approaching, and explanation of recommendations [? ] [Counterexample]: Precautions and actual error cases

Concrete example

Programming specifications

Naming convention

[Required] Constant variable names must be capitalized and delimited by underscores. The name of each constant variable must be semantically complete and clear.

Normal example: MAX_STOCK_COUNT

Counterexample: MAX_COUNT

You can read the documentation and compare it with your own code, but you can also check the code with the plugin below. (I was pretty angry when I used it in my code) ● PMD implementations ● IntelliJ IDEA plugin ● Eclipse plugin


Alibaba Cloud Academy has an exam for Alibaba Java Coding Guidelines. You can read the documentation and test your knowledge. The exam is free and you will receive a badge if you pass.

The link for the exam is here

in conclusion

This best programming practice can be very helpful in improving the quality of your code. Avoid potential code errors and be able to write the best code!

** Especially me! ** **

Thank you for reading to the end.

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