[JAVA] Introductory hands-on for beginners of Spring 5 & Spring Boot 2 has been released

2018-11-27 Upgraded to Spring 5.1 + Spring Boot 2.1!

We have released a hands-on for those who have Java experience but are new to Spring. It has been open to the public for a long time, and it has already been held for in-house events and various communities, but I will introduce it again.

What kind of hands-on?

It is a hands-on to implement according to TODO and complete the Web application.

TODO is written in the .md file directly under the project. In addition, TODO comments are also written in the relevant parts of the source code.

The technologies used are as follows.

Applicable TODO hierarchy Technology
TODO 01 Data access Spring Data JDBC
TODO 02 transaction Spring Tx
TODO 03 Web framework Spring MVC + Thymeleaf
TODO 04 Certification / authorization Spring Security
TODO 05 Simplified settings Spring Boot
TODO 06 Operation monitoring Spring Boot Actuator

Where to go and how to proceed

First of all, please prepare the environment by referring to the following article. The location of the source code is also posted.

Spring 5 & Spring Boot 2 Hands-on Preparation Procedure

There are four projects in all.

There is a file called TODO-xx.md directly under the 01-spring5 project and 03-boot2 project, so please follow the instructions.

Why did you make hands-on for beginners?

The following two books are always recommended as commercial books for Spring.

-Introduction to the revised new edition of Spring --A rough understanding of the architecture -Introduction to Spring -Reliable to have as a reference

These two books are very good books, but it's not like trying to make them first and understanding them.

I wish there was a teaching material that people who are new to Spring can learn while making it, so I started making it by myself.

We recommend that you do this hands-on first, and then read the revised new edition of Spring Introduction → Spring Thorough Introduction!

About copyright

All copyrights such as slide materials and source code belong to my company.

However, you are free to use it within the scope of ** free **, such as individual learning, community events, and in-house study sessions.

Please refrain from using part or all of this content as a paid service.

I hope this hands-on will help you learn Spring.

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