[JAVA] Try using the messaging system Pulsar


I've been researching and finding a messaging system, so I'll give it a try.

Yahoo! OSS messaging system provided by inc. https://github.com/yahoo/pulsar It seems that high-speed messaging can be exchanged using a resident process.

What is Pulsar

It is organized in an easy-to-understand manner below. https://techblog.yahoo.co.jp/infrastructure/pulsar_introduction/

For details, please see the above article.

With a rough feeling

When the producer sends the message "weak yen" on the topic news, the consumer who is preparing to receive the topic news receives the "weak yen" message.

I will try using it for the time being

Drops the tar.gz file (1.15.2 seems to be the latest at the moment)

$ wget https://github.com/yahoo/pulsar/releases/download/v1.15.2/pulsar-1.15.2-bin.tar.gz

Please check the latest version from the following. https://github.com/yahoo/pulsar/releases


$ tar xvfz pulsar-1.15.2-bin.tar.gz

Launch pulsar in standalone mode.

Pulsar provides Standalone (Broker, BookKeeper, Zookeeper all run on one server) mode.

$ cd pulsar-1.15.2
$ bin/pulsar standalone

Next, launch the consumer process.

$ bin/pulsar-client consume -s 'sub' 'persistent://sample/standalone/ns1/my-topic'

Next, let's send a message in the producer process.

$ bin/pulsar-client produce -m 'hello' 'persistent://sample/standalone/ns1/my-topic'

Then, the message hello sent from the producer arrived at the consumer side.

In the gif below, the screen on the left is the consumer and the screen on the right is the producer. pulsar-movie-gif.gif


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