[JAVA] Memorandum of understanding about LOD.

at first…

Since there seems to be a project dealing with LOD in Java, a memorandum of appearance characters.


LOD…Linked Open Data Data published as OpenDat that is published so that anyone can freely use it by linking them together.

There are the following conditions to be recognized as LOD.

  1. Every thing and thing has a name (URI).
  2. Use an HTTP URI so that it can be referenced by all things.
  3. Being able to provide useful information in standard format when referencing a URI.
  4. Include other URIs so that you can discover more things and things.

Reference site: What is LOD?

RDF RDF…Resource Description Framework A standard format for providing useful information in "3." of the condition as LOD.

It consists of three elements called "triples".

--Subject --Predicate --Object

RDF --Resource Expression Framework RDF(Resource Description Framework)

Jena Jena… Java library for handling RDF

SPARQL SPARQL…SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language Query language for working with RDF.

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