[swift5] How to execute processing when tabBar is tapped

Let's use didSelect

https://developer.apple.com/documentation/uikit/uitabbardelegate/1623463-tabbar Official Apple reference.

If you want to do something when you tap the tabBar, use dedSelect.


//Action when tapping tabbar
override func tabBar(_ tabBar: UITabBar, didSelect item: UITabBarItem) {
  switch item.title {
    case "news":
      print("Tap a news item")
    case "weather":
      print("Tap the weather item")
    case "Search":
      print("Tap the search item")
    default: break

In this sample code, the process is divided for each title of tabBar item in the switch statement. ʻItem.title` means that.

The tabBar is managed by the numbers tag [0.1.2 ...] from the left, but when a third party sees the code, it's more like an item. Since I think that it is easier to understand if it is branched by title, it is ʻitem.title`.

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