About Java class variables class methods

About each variable and method

-Instance variables Refers to the field (variable) associated with each object. -Instance method Refers to the method associated with each object.

・ Class variables Refers to the fields associated with the entire class. ・ Class method Refers to the method associated with the entire class.

How to define class variables

class Car {
    public static int Car //Class variable must be static before type name public is a modifier
}Type name Class name

Class method definition method

class Car {
  public static void show(); //Class method
Method name
How to call the class method show () in a program that uses Car class files

Features of class methods

-Class methods can be called even if the object has not been created. -Instance variables and instance methods cannot be accessed in class methods.

Digression Variables declared inside a method are called local variables and cannot be used outside the declared method, and values are stored until the method ends.

class Car{
  int num;//Local variables
  static int sum;//Class variables
  void setCar(int a){//Local variables
    int a //Local variables

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