[JAVA] How to make a Maven project

How to make a Maven project


 If you execute the above command at the terminal command prompt, the Maven project will start to be created. (* Maven must be installed. In my case, I installed it with homebrew.)
 Then you will be asked the following, so I will answer as follows.

```choose a number or apply filter```
 The above message comes out. This is the group ID specification.
 Enter if you don't need to set the filter.

#### **`Choose org.apache.maven.archetypes:maven-archetype-quickstart version:`**

Select the version you want to use from the list. Enter if there is nothing in particular.

Define value for property ‘groupId’::

 This is the project group ID.
 Basically specify the package to place the program to be created.
 Enter the package name appropriately
 (Example: jp.tuyano.spring.sample1)

#### **`Define value for property ‘artifactId’::`**

Enter the Artifact ID. Enter the name of the project. (Example: MySampleApp1)

Define value for property ‘version’: 1.0-SNAPSHOT::

 Version name. 1.0-SNAPSHOT is specified by default.
 Enter if you don't need to change it.

#### **`python`**
```define value for property ‘package’

 The one you entered with the group ID earlier is set by default, so press Enter.

 Next, check the contents. You will be asked in Y / N, so if you are not wrong, Y

## Build by Maven

```$cd project name (mysampleapp1)
$mvn install```
 An instruction to package a program and install it in a local repository.
 It downloads the required libraries and organizes the project into a specified package file.

 If you want to compile the program, mvn compile,
 If you want to create a package, mvn package
 There are commands such as.
 I think you should check this area as appropriate.

## Run by Maven
```$cd target```

#### **`$java -classpath ./MySampleApp1-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar jp.tuyano.spring.sample1.App`**

"/" Is used, but the "/" part needs to be changed depending on the OS. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4528438/classpath-does-not-work-under-linux

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