Try Docker on Windows Home (September 2020)

Not long ago, I had to use the Docker toolbox to run Docker on Windows 10 Home. But the new Docker Desktop seems to be available for Windows 10 Home as well. I tried this this time.

Docker Desktop Download Site

Here are the installation requirements. --Windows 10 home version: version 2004 or higher (PCs bought after this fall may be satisfied) --Enable the WSL 2 feature on Windows (It is not included by default, so you need to install it)

My PC did not meet the above Windows version, so I did the following three things. --Windows 10 home update --Installing WSL --Installation of Linux kernel update package I will write down what I did below.

Windows 10 home update

First of all, check the current version of Windows 10. Click the Start button and select Settings.

image.png Please select a system.

image.png Scroll down to see version information (Windows specifications, version). In this example it is 1909. Must be updated to 2004. image.png

Update to Windows 10 home 2004


.. When it is finished, it will be restarted and if you check it as described above, you can see that it is the latest 2004. image.png

WSL installation

Please start the control panel. image.png Select a program image.png Click Enable or Disable Windows Features image.png Check the Windows subsystem for Linux. image.png When the installation starts and finishes, you will be asked if you want to restart, so please restart.

Installing the Linux kernel update package

It is recommended to refer to First, download the package image.png Double-click the downloaded file to start it. image.png This is small so I think it will take a few seconds.

Docker Desktop installation

Download the installer from here and run it.

image.png Check the conditions when you start the installer. image.png Click OK to start the installation. image.png After waiting for a while, the installation will be completed and you should restart. image.png After rebooting, Docker desktop will start. image.png

The Getting Started program will start, so you can check the operation by proceeding as it is. image.png

It's not a difficult task, but it takes time, so do it when you can afford it.

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