How to name variables in Java

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Among them, there are good articles that are concisely organized.

Java language naming guidelines

I agree with what is written here and think it should be. But what if you can't think of a good name?

basic rule

Assuming that you follow the coding conventions in your project, I think the following is desirable:

Concrete example


For example, consider the name of a variable that stores a FileOutputStream that is used to output some processing result.

And so far. As the wise reader may have noticed, ** putting a type in a variable name doesn't make much sense **. Nowadays, it's easy to see what the variable type is in the IDE, and even if you don't use the IDE like me, it's okay if you make the class or method ** simple enough to easily see where the declaration is. .. The method arguments are of course explained in the ** API documentation **, so you don't need to put the type name in the argument name.

So what is a better name? As mentioned in the above article, ** I think the name is good because you can imagine the contents of the data by looking at the name **. In my own words, ** give it a name that describes who it is **.

For example

It feels like.



public class XxxxController {
     *A service that handles the business of Xxxx.
     *Since it is an implementation policy to substitute by constructor injection, here{@code @Autowired}Do not attach.
    private final XxxxService service;

I want to hear the pride of having a good name

I would be grateful if you could introduce in the comments what kind of class, what kind of field, what kind of method, what kind of local variable, with such a good name (or I thought it was amazing).

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