[JAVA] e-Gov setting memo

E-Gov, the general contact point for e-government

From a general affairs person "It seems that you will be able to apply electronically in various ways if you use this, so please set it> <I bought a written electronic certificate." I was asked, but I made a note because it was difficult because the internal environment was using a proxy or because this system was poorly constructed.

Our environment

It may be different if the environment is different, so I will leave it.

OS Windows 7 SP1(32bit)
browser IE11
Internet environment It's sandwiched between FW, proxy, etc.


  1. I don't want to install JAVA because I can't leave it to the user to update, but it seems that it won't work unless I install it, so I downloaded the offline installer of JAVA and installed it. Download Java for all operating systems

  2. Add the user account to the Administrators group and log on again (just in case)

  3. JAVA settings from the control panel (It didn't work until some time ago. "Details" tab) -Select "Disable verification" in "Mixed code" -Select "Do not check" in "Perform signed code certificate revocation check" -Select "Do not check" in "Perform TLS certificate revocation check"

  4. Create a folder in advance with the following command. (If you do not create it, an error will occur. You cannot create a folder starting with a period from the GUI)

cd %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp\Low
md .egovfc
  1. Run IE as an administrator (just in case)
  2. Registered trusted site
  3. Pop-up block exception registration
  4. Installing the e-Gov Electronic Application Program. Basically it hardens well, so wait slowly
  5. Install the certificate used for signing. For both OS and JAVA (from the control panel)
  6. System use. Basically it hardens well (if you ask ry in a dialog, it's OK
  7. Remove the user account from the Administrators group (often forgotten and mentioned later)

But can everyone use this? (^ q ^)

(2018/12 postscript) Congratulations! App!

It seems that the app works with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1. I put in .NET and the installer clicks, so I finally get rid of the hassle (TT) http://www.e-gov.go.jp/shinsei/clientap/download.html

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