How to run Java EE Tutial on github on Eclipse


--People who are new to Java EE --People who want to run JavaEE tutorials


--eclipse, git must be installed -* The following procedure is performed on Eclipse 4.8 (photon) and git2.20 windows.

--The explanation of JavaEE functions and tutorial code is omitted. (Because I'm studying ...)

Implementation procedure

1. Clone JavaEE tutorial from github

command git clone

2.glassfish download Web Profile version is OK

3. Import into Eclipse

Import the cloned project into Eclipse.

Select [Menu]-[Import]-[Maven]-[Existing Maven Project]


4. Install GlassFish Tools

Add a plugin so that you can deploy from Eclipse to GlassFish.

Select [Menu]-[Help]-[Install New Software] Click the "Add" button and enter the url of glassfish-tools.



After adding, restart Eclipse.

5. Add server

Add server settings in Eclipse.

Select [Menu]-[Window]-[View View]-[Others]-[Server]


Specify the installed GlassFish home directory and Java home directory server02.png

Add any resource. (If you cannot add it, re-execute after creating the server) server04.png

Server startup

Start and access the GlassFish server from Eclipse. The default is "http: // localhost: 8080 / web / hello1"


Press the submit button after entering text access02.png

that's all.

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